The Temptation of Lady Amsterdam

Book and Lyrics by Greg Edwards, Music by Jonathan Breit

Lady Amsterdam and her father attempt to save their theatre from the rapacious overtures of Mr. Tussaud-Ripley.


  • LADY AMSTERDAM. A 1930s-style ingenue. She has a vivacity unmatched by the Lindbergh baby.
  • MR. AMSTERDAM. A theatrical purist with a tendency to drive audiences away and/or into comas.
  • MR. TUSSAUD-RIPLEY, 30s. A seductive huckster with his eye firmly on the bottom line.
  • THE WHORUS. Jezebel, Isabel, and Wasabel are a trio of 1930s Times Square hookers.


  • Prospect Musical Theater Lab (New York, 2011)



Jonathan and I wrote this for the Prospect Musical Theatre Lab's "Souvenir Stories" series. Our assignment: given a souvenir, create a ten-minute musical . Our souvenir: an old box office sign advertising "All Seats $2.50." Our thought: chorus of Times Square whores!

PS: Our contract with the Prospect Theatre gives them the right to "pubic performances" of our work, so we're currently adapting the songs for Jenna Jameson.

"God doesn't care for Buddhists. The Ishmaelites, he's vague on. / He doesn't like Egyptians. That's why He got his plague on. / He outright hates Canadians, and so He made them French, / But, when it comes to Christians, God always is a mensch." ~ Secunda, Episcus and Edendus