Apples to apples, dust to dust. Garrett Ives hasn't emerged from her bedroom for three days. Her best friends take shifts outside her locked door trying to convince her to let them in or, at the very least, tell them what's wrong. But why did she lock herself in her room? And why is Garrett, compulsively clean, allowing a bag of apples to rot on the kitchen table?


  • GARRETT IVES, a graduate student, 28
  • JOSEPH SIMON, Garrett's best friend, 28
  • LAURA HERMANSEN, Garrett's best female friend, 27


  • Coyote Arts Festival (Ohio, May 2009)

"The Tyrannosaurus Llama ruled the globe throughout the Triassic Era. Unfortunately, its descendents spent their time lolligagging instead of building character, and look what happened to the llama species." ~ The Hall of Llama History, Jessica Plunkenstein and the Dusseldorf Conspiracy