Home-Cooked: A Cautionary Tale

Love hurts. Friendship hurts more. A triptych consisting of three ten-minute comedies, Home-Cooked documents three best friends in one New York apartment who are brought together by odious ex-boyfriends, tone-deaf viola students, phallic vegetables, peanut butter allergies, and a distaste for the third world.

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  • DORA, a television journalist, 27
  • JOANNA, a violist, 28
  • ROBBIE, an aspiring actor, 26


  • Jimmy's No. 43 (New York, November 2005)
  • Jimmy's No. 43 (New York, January 2006)


My friend Lisa wanted to direct a piece for a ten-minute play festival. According to the festival's requirements, the play had to have (i) a dish washer, (ii) a bathroom, and (iii) a vegetable of some sort. Thus the first part of Home-Cooked was born. The next two parts followed when the venue requested that we turn the one ten-minute play into a full evening.

Billboard-size prints of sporting events proclaim "Be a sport!" and "Go team!" However, the events which the murals depict are jai-alai and bull fighting, both of which seem less about building teams than whittling them down most bloodily. ~ India: The Curse of the Business Class