Office Space: The Musical

Book and Lyrics by Greg Edwards, Music by Zak Sandler

Adapted from a Screenplay by Mike Judge

Based on the 1999 cult comedy, Office Space: The Musical tells the story of Peter Gibbons, a disgruntled office worker, who after a near-death-by-nacho experience, rejects the corporate world, lives by his own rules, and finds unexpected love and undeserved success along the way.

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  • PETER GIBBONS, cubicle drone at Initech, 30s
  • JOANNA, waitress at Chotchkie's, Peter's love interest, early 30s
  • MICHAEL BOLTON, Peter's co-worker and best friend, late 20s
  • SAMIR NAGHEENANAJAR, Peter's co-worker and other best friend, 30s
  • WILLIAM LUMBERGH, Peter's sadistic boss, 40s
  • NINA, Initech's receptionist, 30s-40s
  • TOM SMYKOWSKI, Initech's head of customer relations, 50s
  • MILTON WADDAMS, Initech employee, social caterpillar, 40s
  • MEG, Initech's only female engineer, 30s
  • BOB SLYDELL, consultant, 40s-50s
  • BOB PORTER, another consultant, 40s-50s
  • STAN, Joanna's manager, 30s
  • BRIAN, waiter at Chotchkie's, ebullient, early 20s
  • LAWRENCE, Peter's neighbor, a bit of a redneck, 30s


  • Yale College (New Haven, December 2007)
  • Yale College (New Haven, April 2008)
  • Reading (New York, August 2009)


Read some scenes from the show. Or listen to some tunes:

The ocean is a cold, grey monotony uninterrupted even by waves. (Think Chekhov translated into ocean form. Hopefully, this is better than Chekhov translated into English.) ~ Alaska: The End of the Pipeline