Songs from "The Princess Bride"

Lyrics by Greg Edwards, Music by Ron Barnett

Adapted from the Novel and Screenplay by William Goldman

"Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Monsters. Chases. Escapes. True love." The Princess Bride chronicles Buttercup, a farmer's beautiful daughter, and Wesley, a lowly farm boy who falls madly in love with her. But even when the pair is separated and set upon by pirates, giants, and evil princes, true love conquers all.


  • BUTTERCUP, a beautiful girl
  • WESTLEY, a dashing lad
  • PRINCE HUMPERDINCK, Buttercup's would-be husband
  • COUNT RUGEN, the Prince's adviser
  • INIGO, a Spanish swordsman
  • FEZZIG, a Turkish giant
  • WILLIAM, the narrator


  • BMI (New York, June 2009)


After Episcus and Edendus, Ron and I decided to collaborate on our second-year assignment for BMI: the adaptation of an existing property. We chose The Princess Bride and wrote a series of songs which turned out very well (hooray) but, due to rights issues, will never appear in the context of a full show (boo). So enjoy them here.


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