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  • December.  It's kindergarten, my dear Watson. Andy Sandberg and I had a reading of our play Application Pending starring the incomparable Nicole Parker (Wicked, MadTV).
  • December. There's no cure like travel. Andy Sandberg and I were commissioned to write Craving for Travel, a play about the travel industry and those who make it tick.
  • November. Playbill announces No More Revivals, Vol. 1 (Sh-K-Boom Records). More pressingly, Ron Barnett and I have a song on it.
  • November. Wilkommen, deja vu! Ron Barnett and I were finalists for the Fred Ebb Award for Musical Theatre Songwriting.
  • November. Holy misnomers!  Neurosis: The Musical will be at Musical Mondays on Thursday, November 8. Come witness our awesomeness.
  • October. Veep debate, schmeep debate. On Thursday, October 11, check out Neurosis: The Musical at BMI and Musical Monday's launch concert.
  • September. Hollywood, here I semi-come! I was a semifinalist for the Nickelodeon Writing Program (top 12 scripts) and the Warner Brothers Writing Workshop (top 5%).
  • August. Get neurotic! The Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival has announced Neurosis: The Musical for their 2013 season!
  • August. I posted an essay on Turkish bathing. Turns out it's a lot like waterboarding.
  • August. A song I relyric'd opens Lively Productions' Blogologues Technoganza. Attend, drink, and be merry.
  • July. You Can't Treat a Girl Like That" (from Office Space: The Musical) was featured at 54 Below. Check out the demo!
  • June. I received one of the 13th Annual BMI Foundation Jerry Harrington Awards for Creative Excellence. Triskaidekaphobia, be damned! Press release, be here!
  • June. Neurosis: The Musical, with book by Allan Rice, music by Ben Green, and lyrics by me, is in the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival. They say write what you know.
  • May. "Won't You Be Mine," with music by the amazing Julia Meinwald, is in NEXT Presents the Music of Julia Meinwald on May 22nd at 9:30 pm at the Duplex. Go!
  • April. Ooh, I'm a semi-finalist for SPACE on Ryder Farms. With luck, I can combine lyric writing and cow tipping.
  • April. "When I Find a Jewish Boy," by Ben Green and me, is in the BMI Smoker on April 24 at 5:30 pm at the BMI offices. And look at the press (and yet more press).
  • March. Zak and I have some more songs in Our Time II, only one of which describes my greatest nightmare. Check it out Monday, March 12 at 9:30 pm at the Duplex.

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  • December. I've been commissioned to write a full length play, Old Lady Fun, for Lively Productions. Being commissioned is like being drafted, with a higher likelihood of death.
  • December. A song I wrote with the lovely Julia Meinwald was part of Eric and Julia's Free Dessert Show at Park Lounge. The venue was far cooler than I.
  • December. "A Survey of World History," by Zak Sandler and me, was featured in Sing Out Loud!, performed at Temple University by hyperkinetic theatre majors.
  • November. Lively Productions produced a reading of the first act of The Rivals. The second act is still hiding somewhere in my amygdala.
  • November. I ran the ING New York City Marathon. I didn't die, but I did write an essay.
  • November. A Crowded House was produced by the State Theatre of Chicago. Virginia Woolf plus Chicago in winter: how could this not be cheery?
  • October. Ron Barnett and I won second place in the Fred Ebb Award for Musical Theatre Songwriting for our songs from The Princess Bride. This is almost as touching as William Goldman's cease-and-desist letter.
  • October. I'm a finalist for the Fred Ebb Award for Musical Theatre Songwriting. Upon learning this, I sobbed into a poster of Elaine Stritch.
  • September. Taking the Plunge was produced by 8Minute Musicals for the New York Musical Theatre Festival. It's a tale of two people, one Big Ben, and mass suicide.
  • September. Part one of the Denmark travelogue is complete! For the love of jumbosnegl, read it now.
  • August. Diplomatic Relations is a semifinalist in the Riant Theatre's Strawberry One Act Festival.
  • July. The Discontented Grasshopper was featured in the Center Theatre's First 3rd Annual U.S.-ification of America Conference. Take that, pacifist cicadas!

The manmade Atigun Pass of the Dalton Highway contains a sheer drop on one side, and, though there's a guardrail, its many truck-shaped holes suggest historical inefficacy. ~ Alaska: Hostels, Hostiles, and Hikes